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Industrial Criss Cross PVC Gloves (For Pallets) Supply
We are Industrial PVC gloves (Criss-Cross & Others) suppliers & exporters in Nigeria.
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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic polymer of vinyl chloride. PVC offers good abrasion resistance, but may be susceptible to punctures, cuts, and snags. While it is flexible, it does not provide the tactile sensitivity associated with most rubber products.

An example of PVC gloves is the Criss Cross glove, which is made from Poly/Acrylic or Poly/Cotton in 7 Gauge Kitting. The Criss Cross pattern PVC Coating on both sides allows excellent grip & good mechanical protection to the wearer & the gloves are reversible. The main users for these gloves are Construction, Fishing, General Handling, Gardening purpose, Shipping & Receiving, Bottling Industries and much more.

Whether you want to purchase Industrial PVC gloves (Criss-Cross & Others) and have it supplied to your location, our world-class team is built to help you close fast, safe, and profitable transactions on time, every time!

Our riss Cross Gloves Trade Specifications are listed below:
Origin: Nigeria
Product Type: Criss Cross Gloves & Others
Quantity: Based On Buyer’s Specification
Price: Negotiable / Metric Tonne
Trial Order: 1,000 Gloves
Trade Process: LPO/Bank Guarantee
Payment Method: Bank Guarantee or Part-Payment
Shipping Time: 5 to 10 days after confirmation of BG or Part-Payment

To Contact:
WhatsApp/Tel: +2348080888162
Email: [email protected]

Ochecity Industrial Criss Cross Gloves Supply In Nigeria
Ochecity Industrial Criss Cross Gloves Supply In Nigeria
Ochecity Industrial Criss Cross Gloves Supply In Nigeria
Ochecity Industrial Criss Cross Gloves Supply In Nigeria
Our Process In Few Steps
Ochecity assessing client requirements
Step One:
Assess Requirements
We meet with our clients to understand their product requirements. During which we carry out a thorough assessment of the project to ensure its success upon execution.
Ochecity production
Step Two:
After assessing our client's requirements, we either design the product, build prototypes for co-analysis, or source large volumes of the exact product needed by the client.
Ochecity deliver product
Step Three:
Product Delivery
After assessing, designing, sourcing and building the full product, we proceed to deliver the product as requested by the client, on time, every time.
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We produce high-quality world-class wooden pallets, pallet accesories, and material handling equipment using highly efficient, automated, sustainable, reliable, and advanced technological systems with the goal to someday serve over 70% of the market's pallet demand in Nigeria.

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We produce and supply top quality products that serve our customers well.
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Our prices are highly competitive and save our clients a lot of money.
Save Money & Time Without Compromising Quality.
Providing Value To Our Clients Through Product Innovation.

Our material handling equipment, starting with wooden pallets are built to handle all types of products within Nigeria and anywher. around the world.n

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